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Puppy School is Back!!

Puppy School is Back!!

For those of you with a new canine family member- congratulations! It is a fun and exciting time for your family. It can also be a time of adjustment if you haven’t had a new puppy for a while, and this can sometimes be stressful. Puppy Preschool can offer you the opportunity to safely socialise your dog in a controlled environment, learn some training techniques, gain knowledge about general care for your pup and have fun at the same time! During our two-week course, you will be shown how to teach your puppy basic commands such as sit, drop, and wait as well as receive advice on vaccinations, diet, parasite control, oral care and much more! The puppies are also allowed free time to socialise with one another at the end of each class. Pups between 10 and 14 weeks who have had two vaccinations are encouraged to attend and it costs $45 for the course. Early socialisation is so important to help develop good behaviour patterns with people and other dogs and to minimise stress when faced with new experiences. It can also help your puppy to associate coming to the vet with having fun, not just needles! Give us a call to find out when we are running our next class, and speak with one of our friendly nurses about enrolment.


6.00pm Thursday Evenings. Call 9192 1319 or enquire below to find out when the next class is running and to book a place.

Puppy School Enquiry

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