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Boa’s Bad Eye

Boa’s Bad Eye

Boa is a little 10 month old Weiro who woke up with acute soft tissue swelling, redness and irritation to his little eye.

Boa was suffering from a condition called Panophthalmitis. Panophthalmitis is the inflammation of all coats of the eye including intraocular structures. It can be caused by infection. The plan for Boa is to treat the eye aggressively with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and eye ointments.

Young sienna, Boa’s owner, worked very hard to save his eye. She even set her alarm every hour in the night to ensure his treatment was administered as often as possible in order for his eye to be saved. What great work she did!

Now Boa can return to sitting on the dashboard of the car waiting for her to finish school again. His eye has recovered and he is a happy little Weiro once again. Great work Dr. Amy and Boa’s wonderful and very attentive owners.