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Claim Your Discount for Desexing Awareness Month

Claim Your Discount for Desexing Awareness Month

For the month of December, the Broome Veterinary Hospital are offering discounts off the cost of having your pet desexed. You can claim a $50 discount for desexing your dog or a $20 discount for cats. The vouchers can used in both our Broome and Derby clinic.

The benefits of desexing your pet far outweigh the costs. Eliminating the possibility of unwanted pregnancy, lowering your pet’s risk of illness and disease, and decreasing the likelihood of certain behavioural issues makes desexing a positive choice.

For more details about the benefits of desexing your pet, please click here.

To claim your desexing voucher please enter your details below.

Desexing Discount Voucher

Once you have received your voucher, please call us on 08 9192 1319 to book in for the surgery Monday to Friday. Please bring your voucher with you at drop off or pick up.

The vouchers are only valid for bookings made for the month of December.