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Desexing Awareness Month

Desexing Awareness Month


This month we want to bring some awareness to de-sexing our pets. For the month of December we will be offering $50 off dog desexing and $20 off cat desexing.

De-sexing our pets comes with many benefits that stretch beyond preventing unwanted litters. Although this is the primary reason as to why we de-sex our pets we want to share more reasons why this procedure is highly recommended.

Speying, neutering, sterilising, castrating or fixing are many terms you may of heard of. All referring to the procedure of removing the animals reproductive organs. The benefits of de-sexing your animals include;

  • Unwanted pregnancy & litters
  • Reduces numbers in stray animals
  • In females it dramatically reduces the risk of mammary cancer, urinary infections and false pregnancies.
  • De-sexing males dramatically reduces the risk of testicular and prostate cancer.
  • De-sexed animals are less likely to roam & escape the yard. Typically male dogs when they are searching for bitches on heat.
  • Aggressive and undesirable behaviours. Such as fighting for dominance and inappropriate urination/scent marking in males.
  • Eliminates reproductive cycle behaviours. Such as bitches bleeding when on heat and female cats calling, crying and yowling constantly when in season.
  • Male dogs are less likely to encounter hernias which are associated with testosterone.
  • Currently in WA legislation it is a requirement for all cats to be de-sexed.

The age for de-sexing dogs generally depends on their breed/size. Small – medium dogs can be de-sexed from 5-6 months of age. Large- X-large dogs can be de-sexed from 8-9 months of age. Cats can be de-sexed from 4 months of age. Ring us today to book your pet in!