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Rusty’s Road Rage

Rusty’s Road Rage

Rusty is a 15 year old terrier who was hit by a car. He came to us with de-gloving injuries on his front and hind legs, with his distal limb showing periosteal exposure. Radiographs of Rusty also revealed a distal tibial chip fracture.

A de-gloving injury is a soft tissue injury where extensive amounts of the skin and subcutaneous tissues detach from the underlying fascia and muscles. With great merit to Rusty’s owners, he is brought into the clinic every second day for cleaning of his wounds and re-bandaging of two limbs.

After a de-gloving injury it is common for the tissue to die which is what we feared for Rusty. As it turns out every bandage change reveals more and more granulation tissue which is amazing! His wounds are looking healthy and his tibial fracture is slowly but steadily healing. It makes our day when Rusty comes into the clinic because of his sweet nature and patience with the nurses as they shower him in cuddles.

We look forward to all his future visits and hope he likes his bandage inspired by the Disney movie UP! 🎈🏡